Why should Petrol Station Owners Consider using this system?

Petrol station owner recognized that  operational performance was being held back by poor  management of the stations either multiple or single station. Not only was critical information scattered among various stations, but it is hard to manage other activities such as daily sales and transactions, stock, and product distribution not only that but also the management of day and night shift (shift management) and so on. Since There was no rapid, intelligent way to manage all this information or to establish a better way of managing all station branches. As a result, as station owners, the operation performance is held back and sometimes leads to unnecessary costs or expenses for either delay of the information or some of the human error in performance. 


PSMS effectively solves this issue by enabling accurate and detailed management of multiple stations and keep track of the real data from all stations for easy monitoring and management from anywhere since it is an online-based system solution. so it easy for a station owner to access information of any station branch anywhere. 

Main purposes of PSMS are:

  • Make petrol station work efficiently and bring maximum profit to its owner
  • Reduce the cost of management over the petrol station
  • Make activity of cashiers and fuel attendants transparent in order to avoid stealing and frauds by personnel of petrol station
  • Make reporting over petrol station operation easy and convenient
  • Make the owner of petrol station concretely master all operations and transactions by remote monitoring of petrol station activity and sales (optional)

Area of application: petrol stations for dispensing of petroleum products, diesel fuel,multiproduct fuel petrol stations, petroleum storage depots.

Features and Benefits

PSMS, provides station owner looking to manage stations with the shift management, hr management, purchase order, and product distribution management psms modules to help achieve the better operational performance of the station.  This provides a number of benefits.  Let’s explore  these benefits more in detail to see how PSMS can streamline and improve your operational performance of the petrol station. 

  • Reduce inventory pain through stock management. - Managing stock for  items  on the store and godown in stations is an extremely involved and time-consuming process when handled manually. However, with a commodity such as fuel, it would be almost impossible to track without some automation in place. Operators will gain several direct benefits through the use of integrated systems that track and report purchase data from the pumps and filter it back into the point of sale and back of tank systems.
  • Accurate Tracking of both fuel and product sale - Automated sales management  can determine daily sales of both fuel and product in all branches and in all shifts of a given stations
  • Flexible adjustment of petrol station operation - Automated sales management  can determine daily sales of both fuel and product in all branches and in all shifts of a given stations
  • Flexible adjustment of petrol station operation - PSMS system supports several ways of operation, which are flexible to set and adjusted to country local traditional specific ways of operation and rules Reduce the cost of management over the petrol station
  • Easy-to-read reporting and graphic statistic makes petrol station work efficient and brings maximum profit to its owner and reduce the cost of petrol station management
  • Remote data gathering from a petrol station provides a possibility for petrol station owner to supervise petrol station activity everywhere and every moment and make the owner of petrol station a fully-fledged master of all operations and transactions through remote monitoring of petrol station activity and sales
  • Support of a bonus discount loyalty and payment  system for attracting new customers and keeping existing customers
  • Scalability - PSMS system is developed with taking into account all the modern requirements to systems for automation of petrol stations. It is as relevant to small petrol stations, as it is to big petrol complexes with organization of several working places of cashiers, manager  of a petrol station, central Head-Office for management and planning and provision of a loyalty system for customers.
  • Easy localization to any international language
  • Easy updating - PSMS is easy to be updated when updates are installed, all of the system database, software and hardware adjustments are kept. All new updates are available  to all existing customers. Easy way to back up and restore PSMS controller configuration between updates.

In summary

Most of the petrol station owners user PSMS because it helps them to achieve efficiency in operations, save on costs, create strategic plans, and build a good reputation.  Since the system is properly maintained and support and can be customized depends on the need of the station