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PSMS is Petrol Station Management System, which serve as a centralized system for facilitating efficient multiple stations business process management.

Online based solution to keep track of real data from all stations for easy monitoring and management from anywhere.


          PSMS developed with advanced application security measures which make data and system secured from unauthorized intruders.

          2.Cost Effective

           PSMS is effective and productive in relation to its cost. PSMS will help optimize resources you may need to operate business efficiently hence reducing cost of operation of daily activities. This will help your company to grow             exponentially with fewer resources.

         3.Accurate & Reliable

          PSMS attains maximum accuracy of data through validations and controls on each data input pages which restrict users to update most accurate information. Accuracy makes PSMS reliable on getting business reports and analytics.

        4.Easy to Use (User friendly)

        PSMS designed with very user friendly interface and directive flow of actions which allow user with just basic computer skills to be comfortable using application. PSMS comes with simplicity which makes it easy to learn and understand.


There's a 30 day free trial period. Just contacts us by sending name and emails through contact us and schedule demo for a trial  - we don't ask for your payment details for the trial. Click here to contact us

Absolutely! PSMS  is a full cloud solution that can be used on any compatible browser on any device computer  (PC,desktop), and mobile device.

You will need an internet connection to access PSMS online 

Yes. One of the many benefits of cloud based software is that you're always on the latest version. Updates happen automatically and won't affect your data in the slightest. If the software has been updated, you'll see a message when you log in.

When you use PSMS, your data is stored on your server in the cloud. We know that data is one of your company's most valuable assets, so we go to great lengths to protect it.

There is no need to download PSMS Online because it is connected to the cloud, which means you can access it from any device with an internet connection. 

  • Shift management Easily manages shift at the station where every station manager will be able to record all transactions during the shift. Manage and monitor daily activities at the station, this improves control for multiple stations
  • Stock management Manage product inventory on all retail stores and go-downs located at each station. PSMS allows you to monitor stock of each station in real-time and easily assess the performance of each product at each station based on the rate of stock-in and stock-out (Sales).
  • Purchase order management Process all your purchases through PSMS for comprehensive management of purchase orders from associated suppliers. Easily track purchase orders of each supplier and payment histories where at any time you can know the balance on purchase order and supplier.
  • Report & analytics Improve organization performances and profitability through business reporting which directly provides an assessment of business operations. PSMS provides graphical analytics which can easily display progress and trend of business at any real-time
  • Loss & gain management PSMS improves monitoring and control on areas that have a high risk of triggering loss or gain. Get notified when there loss or gain which exceeds an allowable threshold.
  • Hr management PSMS comes with HR features that allow an organization to easily manage its employees including employee general information, deductions, allowances, and loans. Manage monthly salary payroll for all employees including contracted and non-contracted staff.
  • Resource management  Such as client management,supplier management,  and vehicle management
  • Security management Improves security with audit logs, the application process, security certificates, and data protection

  • Reduce inventory pain through stock management. - Managing stock for  items  on the store and godown in stations is an extremely involved and time-consuming process when handled manually. However, with a commodity such as fuel, it would be almost impossible to track without some automation in place. Operators will gain several direct benefits through the use of integrated systems that track and report purchase data from the pumps and filter it back into the point of sale and back of tank systems.
  • Accurate Tracking of both fuel and product sale - Automated sales management  can determine daily sales of both fuel and product in all branches and in all shifts of a given stations
  • Flexible adjustment of petrol station operation - Automated sales management  can determine daily sales of both fuel and product in all branches and in all shifts of a given stations
  • Flexible adjustment of petrol station operation - PSMS system supports several ways of operation, which are flexible to set and adjusted to country local traditional specific ways of operation and rules Reduce the cost of management over the petrol station
  • Easy-to-read reporting and graphic statistic makes petrol station work efficient and brings maximum profit to its owner and reduce the cost of petrol station management
  • Remote data gathering from a petrol station provides a possibility for petrol station owner to supervise petrol station activity everywhere and every moment and make the owner of petrol station a fully-fledged master of all operations and transactions through remote monitoring of petrol station activity and sales
  • Support of a bonus discount loyalty and payment  system for attracting new customers and keeping existing customers
  • Scalability - PSMS system is developed with taking into account all the modern requirements to systems for automation of petrol stations. It is as relevant to small petrol stations, as it is to big petrol complexes with organization of several working places of cashiers, manager  of a petrol station, central Head-Office for management and planning and provision of a loyalty system for customers.
  • Easy localization to any international language
  • Easy updating - PSMS is easy to be updated when updates are installed, all of the system database, software and hardware adjustments are kept. All new updates are available  to all existing customers. Easy way to back up and restore PSMS controller configuration between updates.

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