What is the PSMS?

PSMS is Petrol Station Management System, which serve as a centralized system for facilitating efficient multiple stations business process management.

Online based solution to keep track of real data from all stations for easy monitoring and management from anywhere.


Easy to Use (User friendly)

PSMS designed with very user friendly interface and directive flow of actions which allow user with just basic computer skills to be comfortable using application. PSMS comes with simplicity which makes it easy to learn and understand.

Accurate & Reliable

PSMS attains maximum accuracy of data through validations and controls on each data input pages which restrict users to update most accurate information. Accuracy makes PSMS reliable on getting business reports and analytics.

Cost Effective

PSMS is effective and productive in relation to its cost. PSMS will help optimize resources you may need to operate business efficiently hence reducing cost of operation of daily activities. This will help your company to grow exponentially with fewer resources


PSMS developed with advanced application security measures which make data and system secured from unauthorized intruders.